Moran mini-album details

Moran mini-album details

Moran has released the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album, Apples. For those that don’t remember, the mini-album is comprised of songs written by ex-bassist Zill before his untimely death. Those songs have finally been recorded and will be released as a memorial to Zill and to open a new chapter for the band. The release is set for March 23rd for 2,625 yen.

01. 南へ (Minamihe)
02. 彼 (Are)
03. Breakfast on Monday
04. Fende
05. 欠陥のディテール (Kekkan no DETAIL)
06. Silent whisper
07. Bleach

Sounds like an interesting collection of songs. Are you planning to buy it?



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8 Responses to Moran mini-album details

  1. weynheart

    I am SO buying this
    it’s being released on my birthday *o*

  2. panapp

    Surely yes.

  3. VaL

    i need buy this ! ZILL RIP

  4. P.Jelly

    I am so looking forward to this. Moran is one of my fav bands.

  5. Carla

    I’m buying it for sure, but something in my heart makes me feel that I’ll cry a lot listenin to it, specially “Minamihe”

  6. weynheart

    is it already up for pre-order @ Cdjapan?

    • Mija

      I tried looking for it on CD Japan – its not listed :/

      • weynheart

        thank you ^_^

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