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CELL Hits Major Cities — In Black
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 12:57am in In-Store Events, Lives, Media, New Looks, New Releases, One-mans, PVs, Samples, Tours

CELL Hits Major Cities -- In Black


Last month we gave you the latest on CELL’s upcoming single, “Kimi wo Yogoshita,” slated for release on February 8th (with pre-releases for sale at lives beginning January 26th). As the drop date draws near, the band has let loose all kinds of exciting new updates and announcements. As you can see, the typically red or red-and-white themed band has gone all black (minus the trademark hair colors, of course!) in their newest look for the single. But that only scratches the surface of the updates!

If you’re observant, might have noticed that originally the release was only supposed to have three tracks, but a fourth has been added — and without raising the price! Luckily, there’s only one type of “Kimi wo Yogoshita,” so there’s no need to purchase multiple copies to get all the songs. The advertised PV will still, of course, be included.

Kimi wo Yogoshita

「君を汚した」 (“Kimi wo Yogoshita”) – ¥2,625
February 8, 2014

1. slobber
2. 君を汚した
3. Dark side Shine
4. 殺意の前 (Satsui no Mae)

Includes a DVD with the PV for “Kimi wo Yogoshita.”

Please note that CDJapan is not currently vending the CD, but international customers can order from Brand X!

If that’s not enough, the band has uploaded two separate advertisements within the past few days that feature the lead track and clips from the PV.

But wait… there’s more!

As usual, there is a laundry list of goodies fans can receive, depending on where they purchase the CD. Keep in mind that each item is typically unique to the shop offering it (i.e., Brand X and Like an Edison will have different video messages on their comment DVDs)!

Comment DVD & artist photo: Like an Edison Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka, Like an Edison.com La Forret Harajuku, Brand X, little HEARTS. Sendai/Shinjuku, Pure Sound Amerikamura, Ash-LD’50, ongaku-dokoro, Niigata R.I.P
5-photo set: Jibuban club, ZEAL LINK Shibuya/Takadanobaba/Osaka, Nagoya five Stars, CROSS CAT, Super Brock Record Nagoya/Komaki, SKULL ROSE


Of course, many of these stores are also holding in-store events in February and March to commemorate the release of the CD. If you’re in the area, be sure to get an event ticket when you reserve your CD!
All in-store events will have a similar event schedule, including a talk, handshake event, autographing, and… a surprise!

February 15 (Sat) @ Jishuban Club
February 22 (Sat) @ Like an Edison Tokyo
February 22 (Sat) @ Ikebukuro Brand X
February 23 (Sun) @ Takadanobaba ZEAL LINK
March 14 (Fri) @ Nagoya five Stars
March 14 (Fri) @ Like an Edison Nagoya
March 16 (Sun) @ Like an Edison Osaka

On top of bonus goodies and in-store events, CELL is also commemorating the release with a “Kimi wo Yogoshita” Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka one-man tour!

March 15 (Sat) @ Nagoya club 3STAR KURUMAMICHI
Open/start: 6:30 / 7:00 PM
Advance/door: ¥3,000 / ¥3,500

March 16 (Sun) @ Shinsaibashi FANJ
Open/start: 6:00 / 6:30 PM
Advance/door: ¥3,000 / ¥3,500

April 5 (Sat) @ Ikebukuro EDGE

Open/start: 6:00 / 6:30 PM
Advance/door: ¥3,000 / ¥3,500

All tickets will go on sale February 1-7th to mobile club members; general sales beginning February 8th through e+.


And just in case you can’t get enough of CELL, the band will be appearing online on “Visual Kei Tsuushin: Kai” on February 4th (Tuesday). The broadcast begins at 7 PM JST (or 7 AM EST / 2 PM GST). The program will be hosted by Brand X’s renowned owner Yada. The program will include a portion in which the band talks about interesting things they’ve bought recently and an e-mail Q&A and confession session. Fans in Tokyo can drop in to the studio in Akihabara for an opportunity to watch the broadcast live and get a little off-screen content! (Details here (Japanese).)

For the rest of us, the broadcast will be live at http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv166545526. Timeshift options are also available for delayed viewing.

Source: OHP, Sin’s Ameba, Sin’s Facebook


CELL Hits Major Cities — In Black Reviewed by on . Last month we gave you the latest on CELL's upcoming single, "Kimi wo Yogoshita," slated for release on February 8th (with pre-releases for sale at lives beginn Last month we gave you the latest on CELL's upcoming single, "Kimi wo Yogoshita," slated for release on February 8th (with pre-releases for sale at lives beginn Rating:
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