SCREW – new single

SCREW - new single
Awesome news for SCREW fans.
The members have just announced that they will release a new single on March 23rd and it’s called 「DEEP SIX」 and it will be released in three different types. Type A will contain two different tracks and the PV for 「DEEP SIX」. Type
B will contain three tracks and a booklet and the regular edition contains three tracks only.

For more information, please stay tuned!

Source: OHP, member blogs


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6 Responses to SCREW – new single

  1. DKjapanesefreak

    I’m not going to buy this, after their last album i’ve lost interest in supporting them, duality sucked so much :/

    • UchihaNoChikara

      I actually really hated duality when I first listened to it too but it ended up growing on me A LOT. Also, I suddenly realized that I had started to dislike a lot of their older stuff that I used to like (most of Fusion of the core). I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with this new single.

      • DKjapanesefreak

        It’s just… i fear they’ll end up like Girugämesh, and that, wuld be such a shame

  2. Cherry

    March is truly the time my wallet cries in agony and pain…

  3. Verlyn

    Anyone know when will the preorder start(Cdjapan)?

  4. Poli

    Hmmm strange but actually I loved the new single Deep Six and their new look is really cool…..the members of ScReW are really beautiful and sweet guys I love them all (^-^)

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