New band!

New band!
Well I just posted the band news about a band disbanding, but now I have some good news about a new band forming!

The band is called Medi@lize and there’s no photo yet up on their OHP (which isn’t really officially opening until March) but the members are:

Vocals – 言葉 (Kotonoha)
Guitar – 祐稀 (Yuuki) (ex-Suzzy&Caroline, ex-Magical Adventure)
Bass – 彩月 (Satsuki)
Syn. – みゆ (Miyu) (ex-Berallwarp Rheim)
Drums – 神Q (KamiQ) (ex-SOPHYR, ex-MiraVills, ex-Magical Adventure as KAZUYA)

We’ll just have to wait and see what their style and music will be like! I’m actually kind of excited, they seem interesting with that line-up… and reading the journals they seem to me to be a fun band to look forward to.

Source: VKDB, OHP

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  1. Miku

    Haha, aww, it’s already been posted xDD
    Anyways, they have photos up now, and oh man the cute xD

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