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Lin Comments on Mizuki
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 4:28am in Departures

Lin Comments on Mizuki


After deliberation with a few staff translators to bring you the best translation possible, the long-awaited member comments are here from Lin regarding Mizuki’s disappearance. We’d like to reiterate with this posting that the earlier announcement that we translated was the official notice released by UNDER CODE. Kisaki’s personal comment is included below.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and continue the discussion on Mizuki’s sudden departure. We would also be glad to answer any questions you may have about the wording or the translations themselves!

The situation came to this suddenly.
Moreover, it wasn’t even direct, but an e-mail only to KISAKI-san.
Even though we’re members, he left us out.
From the beginning of our activities there have always been joys and sorrows, and we were just about to all tell each other to give it our all until the hiatus.
We only just turned toward the dawn of our last year.
There aren’t a ton but there aren’t just a few planned lives left, either, and now we have to do them with four members.
Having reached the dissolution of the label and the last tour as Lin, I just feel like I want to be able to enjoy the feeling of gratitude through the space of the lives for the support until now from the fans all over who we don’t know when we’ll be able to visit again after this.
What was he thinking, to come to such an irrational move?
And his own values? I can’t comprehend abandoning them along the way.
An element of anxiety has been slapped onto things with this kind of end of the end but I won’t change what I’m doing
And even as four members now, more than ever, we will put on the lives, become one, and burn on.
Everyone, please give us your best.
I feel so sorry to everyone for this sort of result.
Seeing the e-mail KISAKI-san received, I really can’t believe it and I’m filled with a feeling of disappointment.
Even though the time we all passed together was long, I can only say that it’s disappointing that he didn’t say anything.

However, I feel like I really want to do Lin’s lives to the fullest as four members, until the end.
As long as you’re supporting Lin, with four members, we’ll burn strong until the end so I’d be glad is you could look after us warmly now more than ever, so everyone can safely face the June 30 one-man.
MIZUKI has left.
I’m really sorry for the abrupt announcement.
As members who have been performing together, I’m furious over this dishonorable action; frankly I’m incredibly mad.
Announcing an indefinite hiatus, the last tour, the last one-man at Osaka BIG CAT on June 30.
I wanted to face these days with five of us.
We only just said, ‘let’s do it’, as the five of us.
Leader KISAKI-san kept everyone’s balance, got our pace together, and we did it with five of us, but this sure is his answer.
I think he made everyone sad, but since we’ve come to this, I want to unite our feelings and go on with the four of us until the end.

I’m really, really sorry. Please look over the four-person Lin until the end.
Even now, what I can’t believe is his real intentions.
We only just announced Rin’s indefinite hiatus the other day.
There are several reasons for the pause of our activities, but the main is MIZUKI’s family situation and the difficulty he had with continuing in his present state.
I cannot deny the fact that I could not open doors for agreement due to the limitations of our activities.
But because I hold LIN and all its members dear, I adjusted the number of the lives and the schedule as much as possible and I had no intention of burdening the other members in any way.

It’s this kind of guy whose last e-mail I replied to but received no answer. His phone also won’t connect.

Honestly, more than anger, my feelings of grief were stronger.

But time goes on.

As the result of serious talks with everyone in the band and on staff, we’ll do the remaining lives with four members.

As a leader, without being able to put things in order, I really apologize for confusing everyone.

I have so many feelings that I can’t write them all out, but considering I absolutely don’t want to lose to these circumstances, and that I’ll put more effort into the lives now more than ever, I want you to come [to the lives].

To MIZUKI… I don’t know if you’re looking at this or not but your spot will remain [from now] until the indefinite hiatus.
Translated by Ku, vii-vii, and Chiva

Source: Kisaki’s blog


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