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Q & A with α:Vout
Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 11:41am in Interviews

Back in August, was lucky enough to be able to interview α:Vout! Since then, the band’s line-up has changed, they’ve earned many new fans and have put out a few releases. The members took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and answer some questions for us, a second time around.

Although we introduced the band in our previous Q&A, we’ll update you on what they’ve been up to and where they are now.

After putting out their mini-album, 「TRiCK THEATER」, which was the first release with Sou as vocalist, the band held a very interesting sponsored event on September 4th at Yotsuya outbreak.

They remained busy, not only doing lives but also releasing new music. In November, they added guitarist Kohsuke to their ranks. As a 5-member band, on December 23rd they released their single 「ギルティ-」 (Guilty) which included 3 new songs. One month later, on January 27th, they released another brand-new single 「SCAR EDGE」. had the opportunity to ask the band some questions just before the release of these two singles. Could you each please introduce yourselves for your new fans?
Sou: Hey hey! I’m the vocalist, Sou!
MIROKU: I’m the six string player, MIROKU.
Kohsuke: Nice to meet you, I’m Kohsuke
yu-ma: I’m yu-ma, in charge of bass.
Sin: SIN November, your new guitarist Kohsuke joined the band. How did he come to join?
Sou: Everyone kept introducing him to us
MIROKU: We were introduced by mutual friends
Kohsuke: We were introduced by acquaintance
yu-ma: Some of our mutual acquaintances introduced us
Sin: We were introduced there are fans that are curious about Kohsuke! What kind of person is he?
Sou: α:Vout’s prince
MIROKU: Fresh☆
yu-ma: Reliable
Sin: A fun person does Kohsuke find working with α:Vout?
MIROKU: He really has fun playing guitar
Kohsuke: I enjoy it
yu-ma: He’s funny because he shares his ideas On December 23rd, the band released their third maxi-single, 「ギルティー」 (Guilty). Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the single?
Sou: It’s about the strange world
MIROKU: You should ask yu-ma, since he’s the composer
yu-ma: It’s about a town’s crazy night. It has that sort of ambiance behind it.
Sin: It’s very yu-ma colored Could you tell us about each of the tracks on the release?
Sou: “Guilty” is about a strange world. “snowed word” is about unrequited love. “DoppelGangeR” is about fear.
yu-ma: “Guilty”… well, it’s the same as what he said.
“snowed word”… It’s a winter song, isn’t it. I like the emotion the chords give.
“DoppelGangeR”… it’s a song that heats up the lives.
Sin: Each one of them is ‘yu-ma colored’. For 「SCAR EDGE」, which is coming out on January 27th, all of the songs begin with the letter ‘S’. Does this have anything to do with the single’s concept and could you tell us about it?
Sou: Heheheheh. It’s a secret★
MIROKU: I’m sure that it happened by accident.
yu-ma: It was an accident (laughs)
Sin: Nope What is your favourite track from these releases and why?
Sou: “SCAR EDGE”, because it’s my song.
MIROKU: “Guilty”, because I have a good solo in it.
Kohsuke: Guilty
yu-ma: I like them all (laughs)
Sin: All of them What can fans expect from both 「ギルティ-」 (Guilty) and 「SCAR EDGE」?
Sou: ?
Kohsuke: They’re not like anything else we’ve done thus far.
yu-ma: Since Kohsuke has joined the band, doesn’t it feel like the sound of the guitars is more connected?
Sin: I’m not sure When you’re creating music, what sort of writing process do you use?
Sou: The spirit of a man.
yu-ma: I create the phrases on either the guitar or bass, and go from there, along with improvising at the studio, and expanding on what’s been written.
Sin: I’m not really sure Are there any other instruments or musical styles you would like to incorporate into your music in the future?
Sou: Mixture
MIROKU: Personally, I’d like to mix hard-core with the elements of club music.
Kohsuke: Yes there are
yu-ma: Ah, I think it seems we’re taking in a lot.
Sin: Of course If you could play a different part in the band, what would it be and why?
Sou: Guitar. Because I was the guitarist before!
MIROKU: Vocals, since I’ll stand out.
Kohsuke: Vocals because I want to stand out
yu-ma: Originally I started off playing guitar, so I think I’d go with guitar.
Sin: There’s nothing I’d choose, since I can’t play any of them. Could you please each tell us your best and worst memory from 2009?
Sou: All of them are awesome. I don’t have any bad memories in my life.
MIROKU: Each day is special, so I quickly forget the past. ^^
Kohsuke: I joined α:Vout
yu-ma: The best was Kohsuke joining the band (laughs). The worse was when our equipment broke.
Sin: None Could each member please share with us a resolution they’re making for 2010.
Sou: I’ll rush headlong [into the new year] MIROKU: I won’t be unsophisticated
Kohsuke: I’ll do my best
yu-ma: I’ll keep on going this year too!
Sin: I’ll complete everything In keeping with the New Year, are there any new hobbies you would like to try?
Sou: Walking with a tiger
MIROKU: I’m looking for one
yu-ma: Trying out Japanese instruments
Sin: None There are a lot of fans who’d like to know more about the members of α:Vout, so we’ve chosen a few of their interesting questions to ask the members. If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you take with you and why?
Sou: A toothbrush, pillow and a cat
MIROKU: Alcohol. Guitar. Alcohol
Kohsuke: Candy
yu-ma: A boat, compass and food (laughs)
SIN: Waterwaterwater Please describe each member as a color and tell us why
Sou – Pink, because he’s cute
Kohsuke – White, because he feels futuristic
yu-ma – Navy, because that’s his costume
Sin – Rose coloured, because his face is like a flower

Sou – Rainbow: because he’s playful
Sin – Navy blue: because he’s calm
MIROKU – Red: because he does whatever he pleases
Kohsuke – Light blue: because he uses a lot of chords that ‘feel’ light blue

Sin: I’m not sure Recently, what word, sound or phrase do you say often?
Sou: Yuppie
Kohsuke: Nothing really
yu-ma: Funny
Sin: Which one is right? What is your favorite thing about your hometown?
Sou: ?
MIROKU: I don’t have a hometown
yu-ma: The beach
Sin: It’s carefree If you had a magical power, what would it be?
Sou: Creating fire
MIROKU: The ability to stop time
Kohsuke: Teleportation
yu-ma: Psychokinesis would be cool
Sin: Flying If you were a spy, what would your spy name be? ?
MIROKU: Sangyou spy (Industrial espionage)
yu-ma: Toubun (Sugar Content)
Sin: 007 Please tell us your major musical influences.
Sou: Blues
MIROKU: Metal, hard-core, electro, break beats
Kohsuke: JPop
yu-ma: Pop, punk, free jazz
Sin: Garage Please tell us your favorite memory.
Sou: Playing soccer with my friends
MIROKU: My favorite memories are being on stage
yu-ma: When I dreamt that I got my cheeks pinched, and they hurt.
Sin: None Please give a message to your fans!
Sou: I love everyone one-sidedly!!!★
MIROKU: Loon only at me!
Kohsuke: I’ll do my best this year
Sin: I’ll do my best!

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For more information about α:Vout, make sure you check their OHP and their official MySpace!


Q & A with α:Vout Reviewed by on . Back in August, was lucky enough to be able to interview α:Vout! Since then, the band's line-up has changed, they've earned many new f Back in August, was lucky enough to be able to interview α:Vout! Since then, the band's line-up has changed, they've earned many new f Rating:
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