Dir En Grey to Tour North America

Dir En Grey to Tour North America

Dir En Grey is touring North America with five other bands: Asking Alexandria, Trivium, I See Stars, and Motionless in White!

Here are the dates and venues:

3/09- Chico, CA @ Senator Theatre
3/10- San Diego, CA @ SOMA
3/11- Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
3/13- Mission, TX @ Never Say Never Festival – Las Palmas Racepark
3/15- Austin, TX – SXSW
3/16- San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
3/17- Dallas, TX @ South By So What Festival – QuikTrip Park
3/21- South Carolina @ TBA
3/23- Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
3/24- Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
3/25- Richmond, VA @ The National
3/27- Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
4/07- Louisville, KY @ Expo Five

Apparently there are more dates and venues to be announced…so don’t feel down if your city isn’t here! There’s still hope!

Interesting that they’re touring with so many other bands! I haven’t heard of any of them before. What about you guys, have you heard of them? Anyone planning on going?



Source: Dir En Grey official twitter&FB page

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  1. Edel

    Haven’t heard of any of those bands. Except for Diru of course. Jeez, they really get my hopes up whenever they say “North American tour”. Just call it an American tour + two Canadian cities! Well, I’ll keep an eye out for any more cities they might add.

  2. Badymaru

    Weren’t they….just here?

  3. Sammie

    I’m going for Diru and MIW. All the other bands are really…not good. Especially the headliners. It’s a shame they’re playing with them. But whatever. Yay, Diru.

    • 4skin,

      Ha. The musicians in Trivium can play circles around every one of ther other bands playing on these bills, including Dir en grey. Not to mention that they really aren’t that bad when it comes to song writing.

      • Galneryus

        Actually no… no they aren’t.
        Well I only thoroughly know Dir en grey and Trivium on the list so speaking of the two the only musicians that could be called better are the guitarists. Toshiya, Shinya and especially Kyo are much much better musicians technically than Trivium’s equivalent. Song writing… lmfao, yeah right. *sarc*
        That said Trivium look much better for my taste when being on a list with Asking Alexander and the other emo crue.

      • 4skin,

        Actually yes… yes they are. Not only are the two guitarists in Trivium better than both DIE and Kaoru, but Matt Heafy’s vocals far surpass that of anything spat out by Kyo over the past decade. Furthermore, seeing as Toshiya is one of the most hated members of any band whatsoever, it’s clear to see as to why some people seem to not favour him. The guy is absolutely expendable, as he himself was simply a replacement for KISAKI. Nothing special when it comes to playing his instrument. The only point I could possibly agree with you on is the fact that Shinya’s the better drummer. He’s got quite a unique style and great tempo for someone that has to sludge through some of his own band’s more bizarre songs. However, I can’t say that he would be as good as he is without some of the valuable guidance he received from YOSHIKI back in the early 90′s.

        • CLOWDPAW

          Well coserdering that kyo is the best singer and dies hands are faster that meachen guns i dont even think a band in the unavers can beat them….

          thank you have a good day is you talk shit on spelling im dyleaxic and my adocorrect is fucked.

          • Adrienne

            Your comment has been modified due to inappropriate language. If you cannot control yourself next time, your comment will be marked as spam, and deleted.

      • Galneryus

        Confused kid thinking Kyo is in the slightest challenged by Matt’s unoriginal and weak vocals not to mention Kyo has fucking HUGE vocal range, emotion and has many vocal styles… now god dammit tell me your joking.
        Toshiya, is one of the most hated musicians? After being a fan of the band for about 7 years now, I would like to think that if that was true I would have heard it… but I haven’t. However Trivium the ‘shitty metalcore’ or ‘sellout band’ I have heard. Now back to the point whether you like the musician or not he is more skilled.
        Trivium’s guitarists may have more technical ability but lack uniqueness though I went easy and had them pass.

        Not really a fan of Trivium but definitely not a hater… just cannot believe you thought Heafy was a better singer to be honest.

      • 4skin,

        Nevermind Kyo. It sounds to me like *you’re (*how it’s grammatically spelt) the one getting a little emotional. Also, you’re not doing yourself any favours by picking a fight with me over the internet by calling me a “kid” when you yourself can barely type up a paragraph properly.

        Now I know you love to think that Dir en grey are the legends that you think they are, and hell, they were at one point. Before they themselves sold out their own musical style and genre to become something that people can’t possibly take them seriously as. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Dir en grey’s early catalog, but after seeing their live show late last year, the line was clearly drawn. When it comes to overseas, they can’t hold a candle to groups like X when putting on a show. Hell, even Luzmelt put on a more intimate show when I saw them and they probably speak about 10 licks of english in total. I could care less as to how long you’ve been a fan of the band, the fact of the matter is unchanged. Toshiya has always been disliked simply because of the fact that he expresses bizarre behaviour and ultimately lacks playing ability. Whether you’ve blocked that fact out of your mind because you’re a longtime fan or not is of no concern to me. Another thing that I need you to understand is that i’m no bigger of a Trivium fan than you are, but I have the mental capacity to admit when members of another band clearly have more talent on most, if not all of the instruments that they play, than another band that I may favour more.

      • Galneryus

        Maybe my English isn’t up to your standards and yes, I do know how to use your/ you’re but somehow let that slip. Yes, I get pissed off when ignorant people express quite clearly incorrect statements as they lack the knowledge to know any better or in your case because Dir en grey are too heavy for you (which is quite clear as to why now you seem to loathe the band).
        Then you go on to further express your thoughts as well carrying on showing that you really do lack music knowledge and well… common sense. Now, please tell me how a band going further into extreme metal (underground music) when they could keep the more mainstream music which they have already had success with making them sell outs?
        Skipping the nonsense of how you dislike their new direction of music as again people have different taste and new Dir en grey releases don’t sound good to you (should mention they still have a large fan base and keep getting good album reviews).
        I have been a fan for some years and hear next to none hatred towards Toshiya so yes, I do believe you’re telling fibs.

        I don’t like Dir en grey because I think they’re all the best of their instruments… I really don’t.

        You know what, I cannot be bothered to go on as like I said before you dislike the heavier Dir en grey and now you’re trying to down-talk the band as you probably feel betrayed or something ridiculous.

      • Arkhelist

        It’s funny, because Trivium has never released a better than average album in their entire discography. What’s so special about Trivium’s music? Nothing at all. Just nothing out of the ordinary metalcore, with a teeny-tiny bit of a thrash metal influence. I don’t even see how you can compare Trivium’s vocal work to Dir en Grey’s vocal work. Trivium is pop compared to Dir en Grey, in terms of vocals.

  4. Katie

    This is so exciting!!! Finally a concert my brothers and I can go to together that has a Japanese band!

  5. Rissa

    Trivium is pretty good!

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