Ageha Biscuits added to SPEED DISK

Ageha Biscuits added to SPEED DISK
Seems like SPEED DISK is keeping their bands busy. It seems as if they’ve added some new bands under their label. First off there’s a band by the name of アゲハビスケッツ (Ageha Biscuits) I’ll briefly introduce this band. They are a 3 piece band hailing from Tokyo. It all started back in 2001 with the lead singer’s solo project. Eventually over the years, he gathered a few members before officially establishing ‘Ageha Biscuits’ with all the current members in 2007.

(even though the photo has 4 members, they are a 3 piece band)

with this, they will have a single coming out on March 18th, 2009, entitled “魔法使いキャリー” (mahoutsukai Carrie) which will contain 3 tracks and will cost 1000 yen.

myspace: http://

source: ohp, myspace, speed disk

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3 Responses to Ageha Biscuits added to SPEED DISK

  1. Jonny Magnum

    Wow … what a bad band. Good job SPEED DISK.

  2. UchiahNoChikara


  3. Shinta

    Unless they are talking about the band musically;
    These comments in a way show how close minded some VK fandom can be.

    After seeing their latest picture I thought they kinda looked generic.

    Here they look more interesting to me…

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