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SHEDIA Disbands
Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 9:18pm in Breaking News, Disbandments, Lives, One-mans, Translations

SHEDIA Disbands


2015 has only just begun, but SHEDIA‘s time has already come.

On January 1st, SHEDIA announced their intentions to disband following a show on January 18th. While it doesn’t leave fans very much time left to enjoy them, the last show is a solo performance, so fans will be able to enjoy SHEDIA and only SHEDIA to the fullest. Below is the translated version of their official announcement and member comments (translated by yours truly):

An Important Announcement from SHEDIA
2015-01-01 01:11:42

To all of our supporters,

We announced this at our performance today, but SHEDIA will disband following our 2015/01/18 solo live at Birth Shinjuku.
We are very thankful to our fans that have supported us for the past two years since we began activities in February 2013.
This is sudden news, but please give us your support until the end.

Below are comments from each member.

Vo. Jow
Just like the announcement says, SHEDIA will disband after our solo show on 01/18.
As for the reason for our disbandment, it’s due to a few reasons that have arisen on countless occasions and discussions.
I’m deeply sorry to everyone who was involved with us and to our supportive Crushers that things have ended up like this.
I’d feel fortunate if you’d come see us off at SHEDIA’s last solo show on 01/18.

I’m sorry to have made this kind of announcement at our first live of the year.
It was a unanimous decision by all of the members, but it still hurts for me.
Even so, this is the choice we’ve made. So even though it’s selfish, SHEDIA will disband on 01/18.
Even though there are only a few lives left until the end, I don’t want them to be like the usual lives. Because they’re the last, I’d like to gather each and everything that SHEDIA has created and face the last live with them.
We’ll play our last lives with more than our usual power so that you can enjoy them to the fullest and that we’ll be burned into your memory. Please stay with us until the end.
There are only 18 days left…let’s face the last live together and make it great.

I’m sorry this sudden announcement comes right at the start of a new year.
After our solo show on 01/18 at Birth Shinjuku, SHEDIA will disband.
Even I think bands are selfish.
Even so, the words I have for all of our supporters are of nothing but gratitude.
Thank you so much.
The people I’ve met through SHEDIA are both my treasures and my pride.
I’ve received lot of happy words and memories from lives, in-stores, and SNS.
There isn’t a lot of time left, but I, in SHEDIA, as SHEDIA’s Yusuke, will prove that SHEDIA lived, until the last sound dies away on 01/18, until the last moment, so that I can bear those thoughts and memories without shame.
This is a lot to ask, but please see us off.

Dr. Masashi

So, word’s out.
I’m sorry for surprising you at the beginning of a new year. Honestly, I think a lot of you already had a feeling.
Our schedule was empty and the title of this post would make you think that.
I’m sorry our disbandment announcement came so late.
Everyone worried over it until the very last moment; we decided the breakup itself, the day, everything.
Since that talk and up until now, I haven’t been able to get the faces of all you that support us and enjoy our lives out of my head.
I love all of you that support SHEDIA.
There are only
Two days left.
The last solo live on 01/18.
We’ll show you how much SHEDIA has grown in the two years since our activity start and make it an awesome show.
This day is really the end of SHEDIA.
I want to make it awesome for everyone.
Please see us off at the end.
We’re waiting.

President of Bloom’s comment

It’s been…I don’t even know how long since I met them.
We’ve laughed together, worried together, felt down together; it’s been a bumpy ride.
I feel it’s my duty to warmly accept the decision they’ve made.
It’s unfortunate that the history that will unfold on 01/18 will be the last page,
But I hope even one more person will come to send SHEDIA off.

President of Bloom
Kasahara Saki

The last show will take place on January 18th at Birth Shinjuku. Here are all of the details:

SHEDIA schneidet:I=[Final chapter]
January 18th @ Birth Shinjuku
SHEDIA Disbandment Solo Show
Ticket: 3300yen advance/3800yen same day

Source: vkdb, OHP


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