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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 5:26am in Lives, News


Though oddly enough there’s no mention of it anywhere on the company’s OHP or its producer’s blog, it sounds like TUXEDO PRODUCTION is to close down about a week from today. TUXEDO PRODUCTION, owned and operated by former Due’le quartz bassist Kikasa, has been in business since 2004. It first managed the project of Kikasa and Sakito (ex-Due’le quartz, vocalist), [FIGURe;], before adding many memorable bands to its lineup.

We’ve become aware of the decision based on the TUXEDO PRODUCTION THE FINAL live to take place on January 14th, and the following journal entry from D’eiz guitarist, akira (ex-SectMa). A couple of TUXEDO’s disbanded bands will come back together for one day for the closing of the company.

Just once more I’ll play with the members of the second era of SectMa, on which the curtain fell in September this year [2012].

This is really the real end.

Since it’s the end, Lion (Kurono), who has a self-sponsored live the same day but said he wants to do it since it’s okay to have two shows in the same day

Since it’s the end, Rai, who will return only for this day even though we were separated by a great distance and is now walking through a new life without any connection to a band

Since it’s the end, Tamipo, who declared retirement but will stand on stage just once more

Since it’s the end, low-sama, who consented even though he’s busy these days and was only in the band for a mere month

Two replies of “OK” came from everyone. No one hesitated for a second.
It’s simplistic, but I feel in my heart that I was able to play in a band with some good members

And TUXEDO PRODUCTION, which I’ve been in for many years, will end this day.

I wonder if the words “the end” are suitable, or “dissolution”, or “demise”. Well, I haven’t decided, but

I think how we feel depends on the person.
As for what Kikasa-san was thining that brought him to this result, there are probably also words from the man himself. There might be. There should be. What if there aren’t. Well, I wonder

There really was so much.
There is also a part where the people involved had trouble, but call it what you will; it was a really comfortable place for me.

And, I rested for so long
This past year I talked with many people and thought about many things and without doing anything, just like this, path of quietly disappearing was also my choice

However, a life I once severed, in the end just once more, just this time, let’s burn it out

In 2013, I’ll do a lot

First is making the TUXEDO FINAL the greatest day

From that day, until I burn out someday,

A nonstop life of music once more

Captain akira

Translated by Ku


Details for the live are as follows:

January 14, 2013 (Monday, Holiday)
Takadanobaba AREA
DIS★Marionette (1-day revival): Vo. Gene★ (Sick ), Gt. hisana, Ba. Masumi (ex.POPCORE), Dr. Tatsuya (ex.Ronove)
SectMa (1-day revival): Vo. Lion (BLACK CAT), Gt. akira (D’eiz), Gt. Rai, Ba. tami, Dr. Low (D’eiz)
re:Make (1-day revival): Vo. Yukari (0801弐209XX6), Gt. Yazuki (0801弐209XX6), Gt. Akutsu, Ba. Makoto (BLACK CAT), Dr. Natsume (ex. sibilebashir)
Sick (ex.DEVI+TEC)
Rimo☆ with SAVANNA P.K. ORCHESTRA (Guest)
Chouzetsu Shounen
and more…
Open/Start: 4:00/4:30
Advance/Door: ¥3000/¥3500
Tickets are now on sale through Lawson.


We’ll certainly keep an eye out for any official information from the media or the label itself regarding the closure, but considering the end date is already so near it may be best to not hold your breath.

Source: vkdb, akira’s blog

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The End of TUXEDO PRODUCTION Reviewed by on . Though oddly enough there's no mention of it anywhere on the company's OHP or its producer's blog, it sounds like TUXEDO PRODUCTION is to close down about a wee Though oddly enough there's no mention of it anywhere on the company's OHP or its producer's blog, it sounds like TUXEDO PRODUCTION is to close down about a wee Rating:
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