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LOST ASH “Burnt to ASHes” Final Show 12/22 @ Hatsudai the DOORS
Friday, January 8, 2016 at 12:02am in Featured, Live Reports

LOST ASH “Burnt to ASHes” Final Show 12/22 @ Hatsudai the DOORS


LOST ASH 12.22.2015 @ Hatsudai the Doors

LOST ASH 12.22.2015 @ Hatsudai the DOORS

December 22nd was not a warm day by any means in Tokyo. But since LOST ASH’s last show ever took place at Hatsudai the DOORS (where there aren’t any coin lockers for fans to stow their belongings), that meant a flock of dedicated fans had to stand out in the cold with t-shirts and shorts. When doors opened, the long line of fans filed in fairly quickly, spurred on by both the prospect of warmth and excitement for the show. The upbeat atmosphere made it hard to tell that this was indeed their last show.

Fans received red glowsticks from venue staff upon entrance, which most fans put on their wrists. When the lights went down to signal the show’s start, the audience looked like a field of glowing embers. The members came out one by one in simple black suits and jumped right into the first song, innerCORE. Fans screamed loud enough to hurt your eardrums after the song ended. Daiki took the mic and said, “We’re LOST ASH!” He thanked everyone for coming and said that the curtain was closing on their 6 years of band activities, everything “turning to ashes.” He asked the audience to burn along with him (in a metaphorical sense, of course!).



Next up was ROYAL ORDER, but it took a couple of tries to get the background video going. While staff rushed to fix the issue, the members took it in stride. Dye piped up from his drum set and joked, “Oh, it must be that inappropriate video on my laptop!” Daiki added, “I knew something like this would happen since it’s our last show…” Once the issue was solved, the fans jumped right into it with a “SPLASH!” The band blazed through a few more hits: BACK FORWARD, STAY GOLD, CLOSE TO YOU—in which the spotlight shone on guitarist Show and his fast picking skills—and Kodoku no Kakera. Things got a bit funky for MASK. On the count of 4, fans threw their LOST ASH towels up in the air and caught them deftly.

Daiki moved into another short MC before jumping right back into things with overHORIZON. Then came starlight, the first ballad of the night and a chance for fans to take a breather. The audience was a bit taken aback a couple of songs later when LOST ASH started playing SUMMER. “It may be winter, but today is SUMMER!” Daiki said before launching into the vocals. A few dedicated fans remembered to bring their uchiwa fans and waved them at the appropriate parts.

LOST ASH closed out their last set with some high-energy hits including SP!T !T OUT!!, Gimme a break!, and Deadly444. All of the members were having a blast, bassist Sai singing along despite his rather shy stage presence.


The band returned after 15 minutes straight of fans yelling “One more song!” They weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. During that 15 minutes, their generous fans passed out huge glowsticks amongst each other, so that the flames of the audience burned even brighter. The first encore started off with a golden haze of light in REALIZE. Avalanche started with a scream, but moved smoothly into a distinctly visual kei-esque chorus. Daiki called for fans to get more pumped up, and to encourage them a bit more, Daiki himself jumped into the audience. He moved freely to the back of the venue all the way up to the front, and of course, their trustworthy fans played along without so much as invading his personal space. It must have been a welcome stunt for fans who were stuck in the back!



Daiki prefaced the final song, THE CHARMS, with a short MC about how fast these 6 years have flown by. He hopes that when fans are feeling down, LOST ASH’s music can be a source of strength for all of you. The disco ball turned on and set the intimate atmosphere for the rock ballad.


You could start to hear the sniffles in the crowd before the band came back for a second encore. Seize Your Mind was the first song, the mellow tune setting the mood for the next MC, which featured comments from each member on their disbandment.

Show was up first. He barely started his MC before having to choke back tears. It was their last chance to pour out all of their feelings about the past 6 years to their fans. He talked about how he thought and thought about what he was going to say for his last MC. He ultimately decided to express his gratitude for his fellow band members, friends, and staff for supporting him. He also asked everyone to please support Daiki in his solo activities.

Next was Sai. He thanked everyone for coming and started off with, “I don’t think I can get through this without crying.” (Spoiler: he didn’t.) Sai talked about the struggles they faced when they first started the band, since none of them really knew anything about being in a band. He was extremely grateful to the members, and also to members from other bands they played with. “I’m really shy, so I’m really, really thankful that I’ve made some friends.” The bassist also apologized to fans for not being able to achieve the dreams they set out to reach, but that they played with all they had.

Dye was third. He’d already been crying through his fellow members’ MCs, but that didn’t stop him from getting teary at his own. He’d been agonizing over what to say for the last MC since they announced their disbandment. He began at the beginning, saying that he had been so full of hope when they sold out their very first one-man show.

As they swiftly gained popularity, they started stressing over how to better promote the band. At one point, all of the mastering of the music was left completely to Dye. That was a very difficult time in his life, according to him. In the end, though, he was glad that he was able to master their last album, so that he could compile all of their memories and experiences into it.



He explained how despite all of the troubles the members encountered together, they were able to overcome each and every one as a team. He expressed his gratitude to the members, staff, fans, and everyone involved.

Last but not least was Daiki. He profusely expressed his gratitude towards his fans. Without them, none of this would have been possible. He also apologized for not being able to go as far as they wanted to. He went on to thank his staff and his family “for supporting my selfish lifestyle.” When they decided on disbandment, Daiki said, it was very painful. Even though LOST ASH will be gone, he’ll keep singing for all 4 of its members.

“When we made the last album, we made it with the thought of our disbandment at the forefront of our minds.” The next song in the MC was a song that Daiki wrote specifically for the members he’s so grateful to. The band played THE ROAD for the first time. A lyrics video playing in the background allowed fans to experience Daiki’s feelings in both a visual and audio form.  “Sayonara wa iwanai,” (“I won’t say goodbye”), he sang. “The road leads somewhere.”

MY STORY was the last song. Open sobbing could be heard in the crowd at this point. “Everyone has their own path, but in this moment, we are all friends,” said Daiki. He expressed his honest desire for fans to help each other in life even when LOST ASH is gone, and to draw strength from their music in hard times. The spotlight may have been on Daiki, but fans’ eyes were surely glued to the slideshow going on in the back that chronicled the band’s 6 years together.



“One more song! One more song!” called fans. They got one final song: their first single, superNOVA. It was a great, high energy song to close out their final set. Every member got their moment to shine, and when it was all over, all of the members let out their best death screams, wailing on their instruments. Daiki had one final thank you for Dye: “Thank you for making our songs.” The band took a couple of group pictures with everyone. Each member had something to give to the audience, picks and drumsticks galore being thrown around the hall. Daiki was last off the stage, spending over a minute on his knees, sobbing. And then, despite the audience’s calls for just one more song, it was all over.

LA final


1. innerCORE
6. コドクノカケラ (Kodoku no Kakera)
8. overHORIZON
9. starlight
12. SP!T !T OUT!!
13. ID
14. Gimme a break!
16. Deadly444
EN-2. Avalanche
EN-3. Bright
WEN-1. Seize Your Mind
WWEN-1. superNOVA

LA last 3

And thus, LOST ASH burnt to ashes. You can follow Daiki and his solo project starting this year. But don’t forget, when you’re in troubled times, you can always go back to LOST ASH’s music. can also help you remember: we’re giving away a signed autograph board to one lucky reader. Enter using one or all methods on Rafflecopter. You have until January 15th to enter.

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  • Kagit

    I can’t believe they have disbanded… Every time a song of theirs came up during December, I almost couldn’t listen to it. I’m glad Daiki will be doing a solo project, though. I hope they are all happy in the future!!

  • Dina

    They were one of the rare bands I could always listened to, whether I was happy or sad :c Gonna keep listening to them always ><

  • taccrew

    “He’d already been crying” and that’s when the tears started! I guess some of us saw it coming with the way 2015 played out for them, but it doesn’t hurt any less. Gotta give them credit for all the work they had to put in to keep the band completely true to their own efforts and interests, it’s just sad that they have to call an end to it. Maybe Daiki will be able to somehow convince Dye to compose for him one last time.

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