Versailles to act in a drama

Versailles to act in a drama
Not sure what to think of this, seems like the guys will not only act in this special but also provide the opening theme song.

The visual-kei band Versailles will act in a television show for the first time. “Onegai Kanaete Versailles” is a late-night mini-drama that will air in a 5-minute time slot on MBS and tvk, starting this month.

The show stars Rina Koike (17) as a poor but pure girl named Rina Fukurokoujo. One day a group of “princes” (played by Versailles) appear before her to grant her every wish, no matter how unreasonable. There will be an element of comedy in their various missions, including one where they must serve as babysitters.

Out of all the members of Versailles, only vocalist KAMIJO has acting experience.

Versailles will provide the show’s theme song “Philia,” which they plan to release as a single on March 16.

“Onegai Kanaete Versailles” will air on MBS on Monday nights at 2:20am, starting January 17. tvk will broadcast the show on Friday nights at 12:30am, starting January 21.

Would you like Versailles to be your prince to grant you every wish?

Source: Tokyo Graph

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25 Responses to Versailles to act in a drama

  1. Danni

    hmm… Versailles as princes that will grant any wish….I can’t see any downside to this lol XD

    I think I’ll definitely have to watch.

  2. nayo

    ashgjkl; I’m not a bigbig Versailles fan, but having a collaboration with Rina Koike is definitely exciting! I fell in love with her back during the PGSM days as Sailor Luna. w<

  3. Seraphim

    This also sounds like the blot of an awkward porno. I’d buy that porno.

    • mynn


  4. Valerie

    Superficial play is superficial. Five princes stumble on a normal teenie-bopper, giving her everything she wants? Why??? What do five princes have to do with some girl? And how did she manage to get five? Can someone please explain this to me?

  5. Anagre

    This honestly sounds like some fangirl’s terribly written fanfiction plot… Oh dear. Guess I’ll just have to watch and find out, right? If nothing else, I’m sure it will be good for some lulz.

    • Jaded

      Ahh and who doesn’t like v.k lawlz, kindah reminds me of all those DBSK things minus the hot steamy suggestiveness

  6. Jasubea

    Any wish at all?
    Can I then have Hizaki as a girl for one day please?
    And could they please bring Jasmine-sama back to life?

  7. fs_chibi

    im more excited about the new single than the drama nut i hope they put it online so their overseas fans can watch too

  8. Necrae

    Horrible, facepalming. Happy for the new release anyway, but I don’t have high hopes for a song with that purpose.

  9. Arekuso

    I begin to hate them. Shit, make music, not donuts, dramas, mirrors, light roses, photosets, posters, clothes… T_T

    Next –> Versailles sextoys ?

    • Kei

      Why would you hate them over something like that? It’s not like they’ve killed innocent puppies … right? I can’t think of a major band that doesn’t have merchandise like photosets and clothes and that kind of stuff. It’s normal, y’know.

    • Necrae

      I totally agree with you. For me it seems like they (KAMIJO specially) need money, and they have to make it by any means. I don’t know… this is not a thing for a musician to do, IMO. And making the wishes of a girl come true…? This is pure fanservice ._. They have already released bunches of merch (looooads of merch, it’s ridiculous how much!) and they know the kind of audience they have. This is just more fanservice and a great way to make money.

  10. Roy_Heaven

    WTF!? xDDDD

    This is a LOL, but at least the fan girls will be pleased.

    I wish a good opening song (for the collection)

    (But this is REALLY true? It looks like a fangirl’s wet dream xDDDDDDDDDDDDD A bit fake for me)

  11. Ayashi Kaito

    Its ridiculous how the people dislike things if they never saw or heared it. If you dont have a clue from this buisiness then shut up.

  12. Psy.chedelia

    No matter how ridiculous this sounds I’ve got to watch it, at least it’d make for some bad-ass eye-candy >.<

  13. gandalf

    The trailer looked hilarious, especially the babysitting part, so I’m definately interested.

  14. histu

    Wow! This is gonna be legen…wait for it…dary!!!

  15. Andrea

    people come one what the hell is the matter with you? for “money?” are you f*king kidding me? how dare you say something like that? some people would like to do more things. not just limit their talent to one thing. i love Music. but i wouldn’t mind my fav. bands doing something they want to do. yeah sometimes i don’t like it, but i can’t control it. and being behind them 100% means taking all the crazy things they do as well. and a lot of you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see something like this? they do things for their fans to keep them even more interested because there is those people who want to see them do a lot more, por eso yo amo a Versailles! so don’t hate. be glad they go all out to do things for us, even if some of it you may not like.

  16. Seraphim

    The VK fanbase seems to be the only fanbase that complains about being able to buy new stuff. If it was some no-name indie band that only released 2 songs and changed their name 4 times I bet there’d be a whole line of people complaining about how they wished they could have a poster with their faces on it or a live DVD but can’t because the band is too poor to acquire the manpower to make those products possible.

    Spoon-fed: quit your bitching.

  17. piggyzlair

    is this screened only in Japan? or worldwide? cos the tv networks seem to be Japan only…………………………

  18. Spii

    Wait, if Hizaki is going to appear as a PRÍNCE, what will he wear? 0o To me, he’s still more a princess 0o Ah well. Wonder if someone will sub this, it’ll be something to laugh about.

  19. Vesperbell

    I’d kill to watch Hizaki babysitting >:D

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