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Chemical Pictures has Disbanded
Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 7:24am in Disbandments, Translations

Chemical Pictures has Disbanded

I’m sure none of us were ready for this. As of December 24th, Chemical Pictures officially disbanded.

They did not release a full statement as to the reasoning, but they did leave personal statements on their website.

Thank you so much for always supporting Chemical Pictures.
It’s been decided that Chemical Pictures will disband as of 12/24/2012.
Below are comments from each of the members.


The only thing I’m feeling right now is that I’m really sorry
What should I write here?
I don’t even know if it’s right that I’m writing here at all

In this generation where it’s not rare for groups to disband
I don’t wanna be one of those band guys I see all the time
writing the same things, just looking for sympathy
because the ones who are hurting the most right now aren’t us [members] but the fans who have believed in us and waited for us all this time

Can we just draw the line here in words without even doing a live?
It really hurts.

There were a lot of conflicts going on in the background
but I really feel that
right now was the best time.

I’m doing a limited-time side project called Kiss My Way right now
but from the beginning we had already decided when it was going to end, and wherever my name
showed up on the blog, or when I greeted staff, I always used the name Chemical Pictures.
As for my personal blog… people told me I should ask Ameba to restore my old blog that had been deleted
and start again
and I’m thinking about doing that
since there are a lot of staff and people that like Chemical Pictures, I want to ask for your advice and strength

I wanted to protect Chemical Pictures the best I could

But in the end I wasn’t able to do it

I’m really sorry.

I’ve been in a lot of bands up until now… but Chemical Pictures and our fans were the ones that saved me the most
so I’m really sorry to betray you all like this now

I’m not gonna say
“I’m gonna continue on with music forever!!
I’ll definitely come back!!”
I can’t say it
because I would regret it so much if it became a lie

This is just how I feel
but personally
sometime I want to come together again as these 5 members
and perform a live, even if it’s only once
even if it’s years from now
and even if I’ve already left the music scene and Tokyo for a while
even if no one is there waiting for a band that ended like us

If it’s possible
I wanna do it someday
Please give us a chance, even if it’s just for one stage……
It would be awesome if we could have a live
just like the one at West on 6/22, the 5 of us

Lastly, I won’t forget the times we spent together
they feel like treasures for someone like me
I don’t want to taint these treasures any more than I already have
So I can protect these memories
I promise now that I won’t do anything half-heartedly anymore
Which is why I don’t know whether or not I can really continue to do music

If I ever do have something grand to announce to you, know that it will be a band Taira Kazuhiro is seriously putting his whole life into

Chemical Pictures
Taira Kazuhiro


It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been with Chemical Pictures. 2 years that seem both long and short at the same time.

All of the various experiences, meeting new people, doing things I had never done before– they all came and went so quickly.

There are a lot of things I regret, but I also feel very satisfied with everything.

The fact that I was able to do everything that I did is thanks to all of the staff and other members of our label, and more than anything thanks to the Pictures that have loved and supported us until now. Thank you so much.

If Chemical Pictures or our music was able to support or motivate you in your lives even a little bi, then I’m happy.

It was a short but seemingly long time together,  thank you so much.

Hirai Kenta


It’s been about 4 years since we started off as Chemical Pictures, and from the announcement of our activity pause after the live in June to now, 6 months later, we’ve come to this decision. For all of the people who have been waiting for us to come back, I feel incredible sorry about what we might have put you through.

For people feeling angry, and people we’ve cause trouble for, and for everyone else, I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart. I really apologize.

Although we should part as Chemical Pictures in a positive light, facing forward, we feel that we couldn’t bring out the energy to live up to becoming a greater band than we were before.

If we were to reset everything, and have each of us live and grow in our own way, and then the 5 of us meet again someday in some form, I think that would be the best option for each of our lives.

Until now we’ve been taken care of by so many people, and including the friends who have left the band in the past, and Taira-kun, Shiun-san, Hirai, Taku, and all of the fans who have supported us– it’s thanks to you that I selfishly made it to this point. I’m thankful for the amazing times we were able to spend together. Thank you so much.

Chemical Pictures / Saijou Yousuke


Like the announcement said, Chemical Pictures will be disbanding from today.

It would be impossible for me to say everything I want to say in words.

but this was a decision that we all made, so we each felt like we had to say something,

it’s true that there have been a lot of things going on, and we’d been talking about disbanding for a while now.

But we felt like we should keep going even if there was a tiny possibility that it would work out

Disbanding was a decision that we made between the members, and through countless talks with our company.

Sorry for drawing out our hiatus and then betraying everyone that was waiting for us with this disbandment.

It’s pointless to write things that I don’t mean here,

so I’ll just say that even though there were a lot of regrets, I really felt like we did our best to complete some amazing albums.

Sorry for not being able to convey my thoughts well in words.

Chemical Pictures / Nonaka Taku


Sorry that it had to end up this way.

A band is an assembly of individuals that have their own various thoughts, ideas, and actions.

And they should all aim to achieve the same goal together.

It’s thanks to the support from the fans(Pictures) that we came this far.
It’s thanks to the staff and people around us and their support that we came this far.

Thank you so much everyone.

This isn’t a breakup because of conflict within the members, so someday I’m sure we’ll all meet again if our wavelengths come together.

For now this is our decision.

Let’s meet again someday.

Tabata Shiun

Translations by Alicia

Source: OHP


Chemical Pictures has Disbanded Reviewed by on . I'm sure none of us were ready for this. As of December 24th, Chemical Pictures officially disbanded. They did not release a full statement as to the reasoning, I'm sure none of us were ready for this. As of December 24th, Chemical Pictures officially disbanded. They did not release a full statement as to the reasoning, Rating:
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